Hampstead Lane
Type Residential, New Build  
Status On-site
Cost £3m 


This 10,000ft² private home on the edge of Hampstead Heath.  Being at one of the highest points in London, with amazing views over Barnet and West London, we decided to locate the master suite in the roof space. Not only does this make use of the amazing view, but also allows us to achieve over 3 meters head height and with the sloping walls give the interiors a gothic-like feel.

Gipsy Lane
Type Residential, Extension/Refurbishment  
Status Completed 
Cost £300K 


We have been asked by the client to breathe new life into this home, by re-arranging the layout to adapt to more modern living, including allowing them both to continue to work from home, whilst incorporating disabled access and accommodation for a member of the family to come and stay with them.


Frithsden House
Type Residential, Highend New Build  
Status Completed
Cost £3.5m 


We worked on the 8000ft² luxury country residential home on behalf of Relic homes working directly with the End-user to realise their dream property. We were involved with this project from the planning stage until the end of the project.

Winnington Road 
Type Residential, Highend New Build  
Status Completed 
Cost £10m+ 


Richard worked on this project whilst at Wolff Architects. This 35,000ft² was an amazing project to work on and took 3 years to complete. It contains a full spa, 200 guest ballroom, 8 bedrooms and underground parking for 12 cars.


Hamilton Terrace 
Type Residential, Hign-end Refurbishment   
Status Completed
Cost £5m 

Richard worked on this project whilst at Wolff Architects. This was a speculative for a high-end developer. The House was sold off plan halfway through the development. This house was a Technically challenging development as we constructed a double height basement under the existing Georgian house.

Durward Street 
Type Residential, Externstion  
Status Completed 
Cost £400k 


We were employed by 3 neighbors to add an additional storey and convert the roof space into additional accommodation for each of their terraced houses. This was a particularly interesting project from the point of view of achieving the clients’ brief in 3 different ways whilst using the same basic layout as a starting point.