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Nucleus Design & Build was started out of frustration of seeing our designs not being excecated correctly when on site.  Yes, there a numerous ‘Design and Build’ companies out there but they are usually builders who employee designers. We are designers who employ builders. Designers Who Build!!


For us, having a design-led construction process is the key difference between us and other contractors. Having Architectural designers involved the key day to day site decision making ensures that the quality of construction is not compromised whilst maintaining a high standard at all times, we believe we are as only good as our last project.        



We work experience subcontractors to ensure that the finished project is of the highest standard to ensure our clients are not disappointed.

Not only do we build out our own designs, but we are also happy to work with other designers.


We feel having designers leading the construction process not only improves communication between the design team and contractor but gives the designer confidence that having someone in charge of the on-site construction process, who talks their language and thinks as they do, will ensure that the original intention of their designs is achieved.        

Below are some of the types of projects, we work on, but we are happy to work on any kind of interesting project, no matter how small.  



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